NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The Norfolk Sheriff's Office hosted its first-ever resource fair in Hampton Roads to help prepare inmates for the workforce after their release.

On Wednesday, the program brought in vendors inside the Norfolk City Jail to teach them about services they offer, including finding jobs, housing, and addiction support. The vendors set up in the jail's gym.

The vendors that participated included:

  • Veteran’s Homeless Reintegration Program
  • Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia
  • Opportunity Inc.
  • Hampton Roads Community Health Center
  • Department of Child Support Enforcement
  • Promethean Group (Mobile Medical Team)
  • Probation and Parole
  • Virginia 211
  • Step-Up
  • The Up Center
  • Second Chances

PHOTOS: Norfolk City Jail hosts first resource fair for inmates

The Norfolk Sheriff's Office is the first jail to host a resource fair in Hampton Roads. Nearly 75 inmates attended Wednesday's fair.

Different jails are all over the nation provide resource fairs to inmates, including Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and California.

At least 95 percent of all state prisoners will be released from prison at some point. Nearly 80 percent will be released to parole supervision, according to Bureau Justice Statistics.

According to BJS, 95 percent of people in jail today will eventually return back to the community. The challenge is to ensure they return with skills and resources that make them less likely to commit future crimes.