NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Democrat Daun Hester will be the new Norfolk City Treasurer after she beat out three other candidates in Tuesday's election. Hester is replacing Anthony Burfoot, who is currently serving six years in federal prison on public corruption and perjury.

After her victory, 13News Now called Treasurer-elect Hester, requesting a sit-down interview to discuss not only how she plans on bringing change to the office, but what she envisions for the future. Hester denied the interview request, stating “not with that kind of storyline.”

Hester added “The past is the past, I don’t need to bring that back up” and “we must move forward.”

13News Now then asked if she believed the citizens deserved some sort of statement, given that she is an elected official. Hester replied that she didn’t need to provide any sort of statement or on-camera interview because “I think it’s clear from them, electing me.”

Hester previously served on Norfolk City Council and is currently a State Delegate.