NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The streets of Norfolk were slushy, but relatively quiet Thursday morning. Kids weren't walking to school. Adults even headed to work a bit late. There were, however, pet lovers who took full advantage of the wintry weather.

Jim Blanchard owns two black labs named Thatcher and Winston.

"Oh they just love playing in it, jumping around and wrestling with each other, and rolling around in it," he said.

Playing fetch Thursday is a little easier than it was two weeks ago.

"When we played fetch I'd throw the ball, we'd lose it right in the deep snow, but today it's bouncing and they have a great time," said Blanchard.

Also out for a morning stroll was Bones and his owner, Dave Dodson.

"I take him out for a walk, about a half an hour or so. And he does like eating snow," said Dodson.

Bones has got about two inches worth to eat.

"I grew up in Michigan. Three hundred inches a year up in the upper peninsula. This is nothing, this isn't even a dusting," added Dodson.