NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- People in Norfolk were relieved snow from the last snowstorm is finally melted, but they dread the Wednesday's storm.

The main concerns are side streets and secondary roads that aren't plowed by the city.

"It was chaos just because it compacted into ice and your car was sliding all over the place and it was like you were driving through potholes," said Brianna Minnick, who works in Ghent and parks outside.

The snowfall combined with the cold temperatures caused many problems for people in Ghent last week.

"The trees can cover the sunlight here and it takes forever for it to melt here. It's pretty bad. It takes a few days for it to melt," said Jim Clanton who has lived in Ghent for four years.

The City of Norfolk said once the snow accumulation hits two inches, they send the plows out to hit the main streets. Before that, brine and salt is put down.