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Sentara Norfolk General Hospital surgeons seeing more e-scooter injuries

Trauma surgeons at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital are seeing more people coming in with e-scooter injuries. So, they're asking the community to ride safely.

NORFOLK, Virginia — E-scooters seem to be the new popular way of getting around town, but if someone rides them irresponsibly, they put yourself and others at risk.

Consumer Reports found at least 1,500 riders have gotten hurt nationally, with eight deaths, since the fall of 2017.

Starting June 24th, people in Norfolk have started riding Lime electric-scooters around town. The city allowed them as part of a year-long pilot program.

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With 900 scooters in Norfolk to date, riders can pick up and park Lime scooters almost anywhere with a touch of the app.

Now trauma surgeons at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital are seeing an increase in people coming to them with e-scooter injuries.

"I can tell you. I was on call for seven days last week at Norfolk General, and I can think of off the top of my head four [e-scooter injuries] alone last week,” said Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon, Doctor Richard Myers.

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Doctor Myers said he gets called when people have serious fractures.

“It honestly breaks my heart,” he said.

He said depending on the type of injury, it can take twelve to eighteen months for some patients to fully recover.

"This isn't, 'I rolled my ankle,'" Myers said. "This is, 'I've dramatically affected my day-to-day life.'”

There are rules for riding Lime Scooters, like wearing a helmet and riding with only one person on it at a time.

Anyone can find and follow the rules, but that doesn't always happen and that's when they can end up at the hospital.

"I'd love to have a magic wand and prevent the injuries from happening, but I can't do that," Myers said.

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Myers understands these scooters are a new way to get around, and he knows people are still learning how to ride them safely.

He even thinks the scooters are a good addition for the area, but he requests that everyone simply ride safely.

Click here to view Lime Scooter use agreement.

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