NORFOLK, Virginia (WVEC) - In a class held for an afterschool program at St. Pius Catholic School in Norfolk, you'll find jars of boiling liquids and bubbles that turn to smoke but won't burn!

Mad Science is all about getting kids excited about science,” said Jen Marcus, also known as “Jupiter Jen” to her young students. “It's enrichment and it's sparking that imagination in the kid and making learning exciting for them."

While on the surface science might not seem like the most exciting subject for a summer camp, you’ll have to see what the student will experience in the class before you judge.

During every class, kids get hands-on experience and see science projects come to life, such as witnessing the chemical reaction that happens when dry ice is placed into a glass with hot water, and another with cold water.

“It's super cold, it's negative 195 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The children get to see how it causes the balloons to inflate and different speeds.

“It's the light bulb moment when I see a kid get excited about learning. 'Boom!' That's what I'm looking for,” emotes Marcus, as she explains her passion for teacher science to children.

Instructor "Kilowatt Kira" also caused a reaction that made bubbles and then put it into the hands of the kids, while smoky gas dissipated into the air.

“They get to actually act out how molecules behave in a solid, a liquid and a gas,” said Marcus, when describing the reason behind the sight that had so many student excited.

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Also during the demonstration, instructor Kilowatt Kira filled a tube with what appeared to be smoke and sprayed it into the hair and mouths of the students.

It was actually carbon dioxide gas mixed with water vapor, which the students describe as a taste similar to soda.

When the kids are out of school, Mad Science also offers summer camps which will kick off in June at locations across Hampton Roads.

The cost is $150 for a half-day, week long summer camp or $275 for a full day camp for the week.

Marcus says they also offer multi-camp discounts or specials on their Facebook page.

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