NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A van marked "Weed World Candies" made its way through Downtown Norfolk Monday, stopping on Granby Street where Pete Marrero sold lollipops.

Marrero who is a representative for Weed World Candies told 13News Now the lollipops contain CBD cannabidiol, an ingredient found in cannibus.

“They see the vehicle. They get excited. They want to know what the product is, obviously, with all the pretty greenery,” said Marrero.

Marrero said his van is one of 25 the company operates throughout the country to sell its products at concerts, festivals, and special events.

Marrero said CBD or cannibidiol is different from THC, an active ingredient found in marijuana.

“THC affects your psychosis by making you loopy or forgetful or paranoid, while the CBD are the part of the plant that provides medicinal properties,” said Marrero.

Because Marrero was selling Weed World's products on the street in Downtown Norfolk, 13News Now set out to verify that he had the legal right to sell “weed” lollipops in the city.

The issue, it seemed, did not come down to the ingredients of the candy.

Mary Keough with the City of Norfolk said that Weed World Candies' owner Bilal Muhammed previously had a special events permit with the city which would have allowed him to sell products; however, Keough said the company does not have a current business license on file with the city and it should not be selling the lollipops.

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