NORFOLK, Va. — The new baby zebra at the Virginia Zoo finally has a name!

Staffers welcomed a zebra foal on May 13 when Abby, the 17-year-old Hartmann’s mountain zebra, gave birth to a girl. This is Abby's fifth filly and dad Zack's fourth.

Keepers put out a vote on the zoo's website and social media asking the public to choose from five 'Z' names for the baby girl. Out of all five, one with 58% of the votes.

And the winner is...Zelda!

Voters could choose from Zelda, Zeta, Zambezi, Zenith and Zephyra.

With 58% of the votes, the winning name for our new baby zebra is... Zelda! Zelda is still bonding with mom behind the scenes but will be on exhibit soon to join the rest of the dazzle.

Staffers wanted to name the foal with a 'Z' name after her dad left the zoo for breeding at another facility.

The foal weighed 80 pounds and stands approximately three feet tall,” said Dr. Colleen Clabbers, the Zoo’s Veterinarian. “We were lucky to have one last filly before Zack left last year. Abby is an experienced mother and she is already taking great care of her baby.”

Virginia Zoo's Newest Zebra
The Virginia Zoo

Both the mom and baby are behind the scenes, for now, to bond. The zoo said the pair should be gradually introduced to the exhibit in the coming weeks.

The new foal will stay close to her mother for eight to twelve months before being weaned. 

The Zoo currently has an all-female herd, with a total of five zebras: Abby, 14-year-old Rose, three-year-old Ruuxa, one-year-old Athena and the new foal.