PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) – For the second time since 2014, a bed bug infestation forced the city to clean out the Emergency Communications Center.

13News Now obtained photos recently taken of a dispatcher with bite marks up and down her arms and legs. Another picture appeared to be a bug in the office.

The dispatcher wanted to remain anonymous in fear of being disciplined for speaking about the bugs.

Some dispatchers found the bugs to be disgusting and a distraction from doing their jobs properly, according to the source.

PHOTOS: Bed bugs found at Portsmouth 911 call center

Exterminators were hired by the city to treat the call center at 307 County Street on March 23, according to city spokeswoman Dana Woodson.

The infestation had been eradicated, Woodson said. The city signed a contract with the extermination company to maintain the building’s cleanliness twice a month.

In 2014, the call center had to be relocated for crews to treat a bed bug infestation.

Workers back then were given a discount to have their homes treated as well to prevent the bugs from spreading.

It’s unclear whether workers this time around will receive help.