PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- If you've driven through the new Midtown Tunnel tube recently, you might have seen water leaking from the ceiling.

When you drive through the westbound tunnel, you can see water dripping down through the wall and what looks to be water spots. So of course, it can be kind of alarming.

But Elizabeth River Crossings said the tunnel is fine, adding that it's normal to notice minor water in a new concrete tunnel due to temperature changes in the water.

A statement from ERC spokesperson Carley Dobson said:

Overall, concrete tunnels are designed and built to react to temperature changes. Temperature changes in the air cause temperature changes in the water. Over the past few weeks we’ve had some extreme temperature swings. The temperature of the water at lower depths can remain cold while the air temperature heats up, and sometimes temperature fluctuations allow small amounts of water to accumulate in the tunnel."

Dobson added that reactions like this tend to decrease over time as the tunnel gets acclimated to its surrounding environment.

Dobson said they do check for leaks regularly and as soon as they got questions from us, went back out to check the tunnel. They plan to fix any minor repairs that are needed.