PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- A Portsmouth school board member who was arrested for obstruction of justice earlier this year had her charge dismissed.

Lakeesha Atkinson was charged with the misdemeanor in September during a stolen vehicle investigation.

At that time, police officers had taken two suspects into custody. As the individuals were detained on scene and detectives processed the vehicle, investigators said Atkinson approached the suspects and asked one of them how old they were.

A uniformed officer told Atkinson, "You need to step back" three times, at which point Atkinson allegedly asked, "Why do I need to step back?"

Atkinson allegedly told another person on scene she didn't want a juvenile making any statements to the police. Based on those comments, the initial officer she made contact with believed she intended to impede the investigation from the beginning and sought a warrant for Obstruction of Justice, which is a misdemeanor.

On Wednesday, that charge was dismissed.

Atkinson's profile on the Portsmouth Public Schools website says that she has a passion for giving back to her community, volunteering, and injustice.