PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- Animal Control officials want to warn residents in Churchland and in communities near California Ave. about two confirmed cases of rabies in those areas.

We're told both these cases involve raccoons that were both tested positive for the disease this past weekend.

Animal Control was called about the first case on Saturday, Aug. 5 just after 11 p.m. about a raccoon reportedly acting lethargic.

Authorities responded and tested the animal, which was found positive for the rabies virus.

The second case was called in the next day, Sunday, Aug. 6, after officers responded to a home where callers stated that a raccoon was killed after a fight with a dog.

The Portsmouth Dept. of Public Health received results that this raccoon also tested positive for rabies. The dog is being properly managed at this time.

No humans have been identified as being exposed in relation to both these cases.

Officials advise residents to eliminate outdoor food sources around their homes, avoid contact between yourself, or your pets, and wild animals or stray dogs and cats and vaccinate your pets against the rabies virus.