PORTSMOUTH, Va. (AP) - A letter written by Alexander Hamilton will go to the highest bidder at an auction to raise money for restoration work at a Virginia museum.

The letter, written in 1794, will be auctioned at Quinn's Auction Galleries in Falls Church on March 22.

In the letter, Hamilton makes a military request for wagons during the Whiskey Rebellion. That was a violent uprising in the 1790s occurring mainly in western Pennsylvania in response to a federal tax on whiskey production.

David Reitz, the President of the Portsmouth Historical Association, told 13News Now they hope the letter will sell for $11,000 or more. The money will help with some of the $100,000 restoration the Hill House Museum needs done.

"Walls need to be re-plastered. We have to have furniture restored. We have to have floors. It's in need of some TLC," said Reitz.

The house has sat near Portsmouth's waterfront since the 1800's.

Reitz said an appraiser has authenticated the letter and Hamilton's signature.

"It's something that you're holding in your hands that not many people could have," he said.

The rest of the money for the restoration will come from museum memberships, donors, and public events.