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Belly up: Dead fish concerns Suffolk neighborhood

Something stinks in the Burbage Grant neighborhood.

SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - Something stinks in the Burbage Grant neighborhood.

Neighbors said on Sunday, they noticed a massive fish kill in a pond near their homes. The body of water is located right off Burbage Lake Circle and it connects to Hoffler Creek.

"It's sad to see, and it's gross. To be in your backyard and see so many dead animals," Lauren Simmons.

The stench fills the neighborhood as the dead fish fill the water. Many are floating near the shoreline while others are caught up in branches and leaves.

"There was actually more out in the middle of the water than you can see today, but some of them have washed ashore and scavengers have gotten the rest," explained Simmons.

Simmons and her neighbors want to know how, and why this happened.

"I want to make sure no one dumped anything in there that they weren't supposed to and I hope it doesn't cause some problems with the ecosystem," Simmons said.

13News Now reached out to Suffolk city leaders. A spokesperson said Public Works checked out the pond and did not find any obvious indications of illicit discharge.

Officials also said the water is located on private property, and they're limited in access to the site and responsibility. Simmons said she also reached out to her homeowner’s association.

"I called my HOA this morning, and they had lots of calls, but they don't know what's going on, but they are looking into it," she explained.

Simmons hopes they get answers soon, and the fish can be removed along with the smell.

"I hope they figure it out eventually," Simmons said.

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