SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A Suffolk man is being investigated for possible bestiality after federal agents issued multiple warrants related to crimes against nature.

Federal agents swept through a home in the 2400 block of Freeman Rd. after executing search warrants in June and July to seize and search computers at that location.

According to court documents, one agent viewed a video file on an external hard drive that reportedly showed the man, Richard Patterson, and his wife engaged in sexual activity with a dog, which was identified as a Doberman named "Demon."

Agents then contacted the Suffolk Police Department to notify local authorities of the offense.

Attorney Andrew Sacks represents Richard Patterson, and said he would not confirm or deny the information within the search warrants but spoke out about the investigation.

"Number one, we believe that what two consenting adults do in private, in their bedroom is off limits," said Sacks. "Number two, we don’t believe there was a valid law in place that even affected this at the time and number three we seriously question the police reaching out into this type of material when it has nothing to do with what they were searching for to begin with."

13News Now also spoke with Nicholas Renninger, the attorney for Mrs. Patterson.

"Mrs. Patterson is ready to defend herself in court if necessary, but at this stage, she has not been indicted or charged with any crime."

We're told the husband is in custody at the Chesapeake City Jail on felony charges. However, authorities have not yet released what those charges are at this time.

Last month, Patterson was indicted in Norfolk Federal District Court for allegedly possessing several firearms as a convicted felon.