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ECPI University's 'VAX Pass' helps fully vaccinated students

The VAX Pass allows fully vaccinated students to skip COVID-19 screening processes on campus.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Thousands of ECPI University students are getting digital vaccination certificates to ease the transition of going back to school.  

The ECPI University VAX Pass displays on a student's phone and it shows if they are vaccinated. If not, some students may have to go through a longer screening process to get into the building.

The VAX Pass is an option and incentive for fully vaccinated students at ECPI University. 

“I just show my VAX pass and I walk away," said student Tamera Welch. 

Medical Career Institute Campus President Michael Heck said students can go into the school’s app to get the pass.

“[A student] clicks on the VAX Pass [and] takes a snapshot of their vaccination card. It is uploaded, it is then reviewed by university administrative individuals," said Heck. 

Heck explained why the university decided to create a vaccination pass.

“As the students are becoming vaccinated, it gives them the opportunity to be able to provide to us their vaccination records. But it also provides convenience for the student not to have to wait in line to be screened. It gets them to their classroom as a result," said Heck. 

Heck said students should not worry about their vaccination cards being misused.

“Once we have [a picture of the card] one or two people here at the campus review that to confirm and as a result, it’s secure within our database with no additional access by alternative individuals outside of myself and one administrative individual here at the campus," said Heck. 

Heck explained students who do not get the pass will have to go through a screening process that might slow them down a few minutes.

“I think having a system where there’s an app where you can just upload your vaccination card, show it and keep going is very convenient," said Welch. 

Right now, more than 2,000 two students have the VAX Pass and that number is expected to rise to 10,000 in the summer months.

The ECPI University VAX Pass tool rolled out three weeks ago and is being used at all ECPI campuses across five states.