VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Food truck owners and supporters rallied outside of Virginia Beach City Council's retreat location pushing for news food truck laws.

Food truck owner MJ Medlar said their goal was to get councils attention and possibly a vote on an ordinance.

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"We had food trucks park all along the entrance so when all the council members came in they saw our presence. We were afraid that we were gonna get kinda pushed to the side when it comes to our ordinance because there are more pressing matters that the City has to deal with," said Medlar.

Currently, food trucks are prohibited from operating on private or public property unless there's a permitted event. A new ordinance before council would give food truck operators more options like setting up in certain areas, side streets and corporate business parks.

"If we have an actual ordinance in place that can be enforced and that everyone could abide by then we could actually make the industry safer," said Medlar.

The ordinance would also include areas like Pacific and Atlantic Avenues at the oceanfront where trucks could not operate. Virginia Beach City council still has to vote and approve the new resolutions on February 19th.