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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Brooke's Boards & Boxes

What started as a hobby is now a full-blown business, and Brooke Haushalter isn't slowing down any time soon.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Summer time comes with so many reasons to throw a good party. 

However, the party favors part isn't everyone's strength. One Virginia Beach woman is here to help. 

"Birthday parties, whatever's going on with us, it's going to definitely be extra," Brooke Haushalter said.

 Haushalter is the owner of Brooke's Boards and Boxes. It's an operation from her kitchen that supplies you with the perfect charcuterie boards for any occasion.

"Charcuterie is something I've always loved to do, I would do it for birthdays and family gatherings, and you know a lot of friends and family would say, you know you're really good at this, you could turn this into something," she saud. 

So two years ago, this mom of five took a leap of faith and made it happen. 

Haushalter said she sat down with her husband after making him a charcuterie board for his birthday and explained her business plan. Now, two years later, she is the queen of the board in Hampton Roads. 

"When somebody gets something from me, I'm pretty sure that they know that this wasn't just thrown together. This was very, very thought out," Haushalter said. 

Her boards come in different shapes, sizes and themes. 

You can order a classic board, a brunch board, a bagel board, a dessert board, a cup, or a box as well. Her options are endless, and each order is made with love. 

"I like to say that I'm custom," she said. 

Haushalter adds a personal touch to each board. Your name, happy birthday, a key for new homeowners, number boards and more -- the personalization is endless, and Haushalter loves to get creative.

"Just something extra to make it feel like it's personal to you. I just feel like when you're buying something from somebody, you really want to feel like somebody put some time into making it special for you, so that's what I want my customers to feel," she explained.

Haushalter even takes her business a step further than the kitchen. 

"One other thing I've been doing that I absolutely love is the workshops," she said. 

She holds classes to teach others charcuterie techniques.

 "It can just be something fun for a girl's night, or you can learn something for your board building," she said. 

For Haushalter, she wants Brooke's Boards and Boxes to go beyond Hampton Roads.

"I really would love to spread this love, at least all over the United States, but we're going to start here," she said.

"It means a lot to me, it really does. I'm a mom of five. This is the first time in my life I've had something that's mine. I created it, I worked hard for it, it's my baby, and every time someone orders from me, I literally do a happy dance!"

Haushalter hopes she can add a special touch to any event as her business grows. 

"I mean, the sky's the limit. I feel like I'm just going to keep on climbing," she said.

If you want to learn more about or order from Brooke's Boards and Boxes, you can visit her Facebook page. Or email her directly at Haushalterbrooke@gmail.com.

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