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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Session in Virginia Beach

Session owners said they had one word in mind when they created the menu.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Priscilla Queen and Kevin Warren have always wanted to get into the restaurant business. They said it's in their blood. So during the peak of the pandemic, they decided they were going to go for it. Queen said it was as if everything was falling into place, "It's like, yeah, we are supposed to be doing this," she said. 

Queen and Warren opened Session on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach in July of 2021, and in the few months they've been up and running, they said they love this little spot. The name was created out of a love for music. Warren said, "It's like a jam session, like a "ses[h]," ya know?" he laughed. For Warren and Queen, their love of music influenced the inside and outside of the spot. "The music, the art, all of those things mixed together creates a cool vibe that we were going for," said Warren. 

The vibes are good, and so is the food. The menu was inspired by the couple's inability to choose a place to eat together. "We have very different appetites," said Queen. She stays on the healthier side of things, while Warren claims to be a "basic" sausage and egg type of guy. "Because of our own struggle, when we were developing our menu, we wanted it to be inclusive to every appetite," said Queen. 

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They said inclusive means whether you're gluten-free, vegan, or a sausage and egg person. Their goal is to give everyone a place to eat together. The menu has some big fan favorites, "Breakfast fried rice has been an absolute staple item, followed by the breakfast burrito," Warren started. Then Queen chimed in, "The Nancy," and Warren agreed, "The Nancy is a staple sandwich on our menu. Kind of comparable to a turkey Reuben," Warren finished. "The Nancy" is named after Warren's mom, making it even more special. 

The food is delicious, and the indoor and outdoor settings make for a great environment to enjoy whatever you order. However, what makes this spot all the better are the owners, who say that about each other. "We wouldn't be who we are if Kevin wasn't the face up here," Queen patted Kevin's leg. "He makes the front what it is, for sure," she smiled. He spoke up, saying, "I just try to treat people how they deserve to be treated. She [Queen] does a lot more than what we see," Warren nodded. "We're a good team," Queen smiled and nodded. 

If you'd like to visit Session, you can find them on 2973 Shore Drive, Suite 104, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.


Author's Note: The video below is on file from Sept. 10, 2021.