VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — After gunfire at Sandbridge beach, many people are locals and vacationers are worried.

Virginia Beach police said they got a call about a house being struck by gunshots on Sandpiper road, around 4:06 am.

Kelly Frey said the people in the house that was shot had a party that went through the night and into the early hours of Sunday morning. Frey said the gunfire made everyone wake up in their rental home.

“I thought it was shots, a bunch or rapid, quick shots. So, we ran around the house and made sure everything was all locked up. [We] checked on the kids and made sure everything was okay,” said Frey. 

Frey said that the shooting was nothing her family ever expected to happen at a place as quiet as Sandbridge.

“I actually have a friend that comes here with her family every year, and she loves how peaceful and quiet it is. So, it was a bit of a shocker for the first night when we got here,” said Frey

Police said when officers arrived at the scene, they found multiple bullet holes in a house as well as a vehicle that was parked in front of the house. Police said they later found that a second house also sustained damage.

Local Mary Erdeljon said the shooting was too close for comfort because it happened behind her own home.

“If the shots had gone to the right of that house, it could have very well hit us. The next morning we got up and we were walking our dog, and we always walk him in that direction. That’s when we found out it was gunshots, not fireworks,” said Erdeljon.

Frey said she’s just happy that no one got hurt in the end.

“I’m shocked. I’m really shocked. I really thought that somebody was hurt or killed. I’m really amazed that no one was hurt. It’s a good thing,” said Frey.

Police said no injuries were reported and that there is no suspect information at this time. However, it is still an active investigation.