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Hampton Roads drivers frustrated about new lane shift, on I-264 east near TopGolf

"We really need to start concentrating on clear lines. Clear lines would be great.”

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — New lane shifts along Interstate 264 near TopGolf in Virginia Beach are causing headaches for drivers.

That shift started two weeks ago as part of VDOT’s Greenwich Road flyover project. It will carry traffic from Greenwich Road over I-264 when it's done.

The I-64 and I-264 interchange sees its fair share of traffic and is one of the busiest in Hampton Roads. VDOT hopes their current projects will help the flow of traffic in the long-term.

But some drivers said the new traffic pattern is so confusing, they are finding new and longer ways to get around.

“It’s a huge pain and it’s a danger to a lot of people,” said Virginia Beach resident Jayson Perkins.

VDOT shifted lanes 25 feet to the right to make room in the median for construction on their future flyover. But according to Perkins, it makes his afternoon drive a challenge.

“You can’t see the lines,” Perkins said. “A lot of people -- tractor-trailers, other heavy equipment -- can’t see the lines. They back up, they cut in front of other people because they have to quickly go to the left.”

Drivers said new and old road markings on that stretch of road are unclear.

“Especially when it rains real bad,” said driver Altameeze Bonner. “Like two weeks ago when it was foggy, I almost got into an accident.”

VDOT said it has construction teams monitoring traffic flow.

“Construction teams who drive through this corridor as recently as last night,” said VDOT Communication Specialist Jordan-Ashley Walker. “They make sure that any kind of conditions that might have changed, that we are accounting for those.”

VDOT crews used black tape to cover road markings they will use again or blasted lines they won’t. Walker said they worked on improving lines Sunday night.

“To make sure as drivers are going through this corridor that the pavement markings, that are now in place for this temporary alignment, are more clear,” Walker said.

She said VDOT knows that it is a busy interchange, but the shift is only temporary. She said that stretch of road will return to normal this summer.

“Any time you have all of those things compounding together, people really need to be aware,” Walker said. “Avoid distractions, slow down. Be mindful of crews working on the side of the road.”

Perkins knows traffic is increasing in the area and hopes the project will create noticeable improvements.

“I know the city is getting bigger,” Perkins said. “But, we really need to start concentrating on clear lines. Clear lines would be great.”

Anyone with a concern for VDOT can call 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

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