VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The recently opened Wegmans has a few local brands to offer its customers, including Selden Market vendor, S’mores Amore.

S’mores Amore is a locally-owned small business specializing in gourmet s’mores treats, said Duane Dinio, chef and owner of S’mores Amore.

“I’d always wanted to own my own business,” he said. “I create s’mores that you can have any time of the year.”

Dinio grew up camping and always loved experimenting with flavors so after being a professional chef for eight years he decided to transition to building up his own business.

Dinio set up shop in Selden Market last July.

There, customers can get what he calls “fired up for the ultimate s’mores experience.”

Dinio and his wife, Kristine Dinio, designed the business around serving interesting, unique s’mores flavors and for the big finish, Kristine Dinio takes a blow torch to the s’mores and toasts them to the customer’s liking.

“This is a big draw for people and customers love the idea of getting their s’more custom roasted in front of them,” he said.

S'mores Amore Flavors
Four flavors of S'mores Amore are on sale at Wegmans: Ooh Bae Babee Ube Coconut, Original S’mores Brownie, Golden S’mores Blondie, and Espresso Yo’self S’mores Brownie.
Southside Daily/Courtesy of Duane Dinio

Getting to Wegmans

Back when Wegmans was still a dirt plot, store manager Mike Coyle happened to be walking through Selden Market during a S’mores Amore roasting session.

Coyle had just moved to the area to manage the new Wegmans.

“He walked right by our station,” Duane Dinio said, adding after trying the s’mores, Coyle made them an offer to sell in Wegmans.

“It was a complete chance meeting,” Duane Dinio said.

Coyle thought they would be a good fit for the store, Duane Dinio said, adding Coyle told him Wegmans was looking to incorporate more local brands into their stores.

Since Wegmans opened onApril 28, sales have been amazing, Duane Dinio said.

Wegmans told him S’mores Amore had done exceptionally well in the first week of sales.

S'mores Amore in Wegmans
Customers can find S’mores Amore in the bakery section of Wegmans in Virginia Beach, Va.
Southside Daily/Courtesy of Duane Dinio

In light of the recent successes, Dinio will be hiring more staff to keep up with demand and in the future, hopes to open a physical location for the business.

The only difference between the s’more you can get in the store versus the ones you buy at Selden Market is the roasting experience, he said.

Customers can find the products in the bakery section of Wegmans or come to Selden Market for the “full roasting experience.”

S’mores Amore sells four flavors at Wegmans: Ooh Bae Baybee! Ube Coconut S’mores Blondie, The Originial S’mores Brownie, Golden S’mores Blondie and Espresso Yo’Self S’mores Brownie.

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