VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- Even if you got there early Friday morning, you had to wait.

The line outside of Ancient Art Tattoo shop in Virginia Beach stretched all the way around the strip mall.

“I was determined to be first in line,” said Jake Allen. “But people beat me to it.”

Owner JD Crowe hosted a crazed Friday the 13th tradition: offering an assortment of tattoos for just $13 each. A $7 tip was added to each order, making them $20 in total.

“It’s a long-standing tattoo tradition,” said customer Dominique Martinez, referring to the annual event.

Martinez was joined by Chase Negich. The two are meeting for the first time on a Tinder date.

“We just met today, and he suggested it,” said Martinez.

Crowe brought in three extra tattoo artists from out of town, but the eight-person team had to keep up with that growing line outside in the rain for most of the day.

Last year, more than 600 people received a discounted tattoo. Crowe said the crowd is even bigger this year.

“It’s been hectic,” said Crowe.