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MAKING A MARK: Indian Lakes Elementary School sparks new passions for kids

Between the pandemic and the influence of social media, it's a tough time to be a kid. Indian Lakes Elementary encourages students to take charge of their learning.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Skincare, hygiene, makeup-- when it comes to cosmetology, students in the Future Makeup Artist Club at Indian Lakes Elementary School in Virginia Beach are learning it all.

But there's more to this club than meets the eye.

"We talk about-- get a little bit more in-depth with what it means to be beautiful, not just physical appearance but on the inside of it. And then we translate that through the gift of artistry," said Kimberly Mosley, a teacher at Indian Lakes and host of the Future Makeup Artist club.

Mosley said she loves makeup artistry and is excited to bring her passion to the school (you can view her work on Facebook and Instagram). "I've always wanted to incorporate, like, what I do outside of work as a makeup artist with my students here," said Mosley.

The Future Makeup Artist Club is one of the new student-centered choice clubs held during the school day at Indian Lakes to expose kids to different career opportunities.

"We've already got community members who are looking at hosting dance clubs, chef club... We've got kids asking for everything from animation to drama, different science options, mathlete club," said Instruction Technology Specialist Kelly Hoggard.

Hoggard brought the idea to the school after many students expressed interest in after-school clubs.

"I started to kind of brainstorm the possibility of finding a space during the academic day when kids are already here that they could explore some of their passions, and we could incorporate teacher and community passions and talents," said Hoggard.

The student-centered choice clubs are held every Wednesday-- the school's adjusted dismissal day. Principal Dexter Warren said he gladly gave the idea the green light.

"Now, you're able to give students exposure to experience different things, especially during a pandemic," said Warren.

The school has hosted 13 clubs since December, covering topics including 3D printing, world travel, fantasy football, and, of course-- makeup. Mosley said teachers, administrators, and community members are the best people to help students express themselves.

"They're looking at these YouTube videos," said Mosley. "Why not better to see someone that you work with every day who's literally a part of your life can be a mentor to you, show you how to do it?"

You can support the Future Makeup Artist Club through its Amazon Wish List. All purchased items go to students.

Hoggard said students have been sharing their ideas for future clubs. She's working with volunteer community members to host them.

Author's Note: The video below is on file from Jan. 13, 2022.

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