VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The woman accused of trying to kidnap two children from a Target in Virginia Beach will undergo a competency and sanity evaluation.

Patricia Metz's public defender asked for the evaluation. The  judge and the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office agreed to it during a court hearing on Tuesday.

Metz originally was scheduled to appear in court Monday, but a jail report said she refused to put on clothes for her court hearing. A video arraignment was held instead on Tuesday, with the judge at one point telling her to "put on some clothes." It wasn't clear if she was naked again during the video hearing.

Metz is charged with two counts of attempted abduction and assaulting adults. 

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Police said Metz tried two separate times to kidnap young kids outside the Target located on South Independence Boulevard near Princess Anne Road last week. In the process, witnesses said she fought adults who were with the children

This is not her first run-in with the law. Court documents show police have charged Metz with public intoxication at least 10 previous times.

Documents showed in 2012, Metz's mother got an emergency protective order against her daughter after Metz allegedly kicked her mom in the jaw. 

Metz was combative during Tuesday's hearing, using profanity and saying at one point, "You are not supposed to lay your hands on anybody."

Metz's next competency hearing is scheduled for September 10.