VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Before the summer is over, take the kids to Mount Trashmore to check out the newest safety feature on the playground.

After closing for a little more than three weeks last month, Kids Cove has reopened with new and improved rubber surfacing on the main playground that’s “very buoyant so if children fall, it doesn’t hurt,” said Brian Phelps, a planner at the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

And, while the 8 inches of rubber with shredded top coat comes with a $198,000 price tag, Phelps said to be in compliance with American Society for Testing and Materials and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission playground guidelines, the resurfacing had to be done.

“The old surface was deteriorating and had surpassed its 10-year lifecycle,” he said. “With maintenance, the playground should be available for the public’s full use for about 20 years.”

The new surface also doesn’t retain water and is ADA compliant to maintain Kids Cove as a boundless playground, Phelps said.

Phelps said the Kids Cove at Mount Trashmore is probably one of the most used parks in the city and since its reopening, they’ve heard nothing but positive feedback.

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“It’s been super positive — parents and the staff love it,” he said. 

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