VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Valentine’s Day is almost here and chocolate stores around the country are preparing for a flurry of customers.

While everyone gets their special someone something different, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

Some people shop for their chocolate at big corporations while others stick to mom and pop shops. 

One store in Virginia Beach, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, prepared all day Wednesday for the expected crowds. 

Owner Julie Keller took 13News Now behind the counter to show us how she gets ready. 

Keller starts the big day by firing up the chocolate machines not only so the employees can keep churning out their specialty chocolates but also so they can be ready for any order that a customer brings through the door.

"We're ready for them. When we come in in the morning we temper the chocolate and we're continually feeding chocolate into the back of those melters,” said Keller. 

The chocolate has to be flowing constantly so it can stay hot because each piece is hand-made. Within hours, the store completes hundreds of orders for people seeking Valentine’s Day treats.

Customers can order anything from chocolate bouquets and kisses, to truffle boxes. Keller said she just wants people to be happy and find exactly what they’re looking for.

“The best thing about this business is that everybody walks in happy. How could you not be happy? You're in a chocolate shop! And if you're not happy, you're going to be in a minute,” said Keller.