VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — We’re all familiar with Barbie and her many careers, but there is one job she hasn’t done in a while: fighting crime as a police officer.

A group of women officers - and a few Ken’s - want to change that.

Virginia Beach officers posed for group photos at Mount Trashmore Park. They're sending the pictures with a letter to Barbie-creator Mattel, asking them to put Officer Barbie back on the shelves.

It was the brainchild of Detective Angela Murphy of the Virginia Beach Police Department.

"There’s a whole bunch of us out here and we just want to send them the message that we would love to have them bring back police Barbie," Murphy said.

"Mattel’s whole message to little girls is you can be anything that you want to be. I remember being very small and wanting to be a police officer my whole life," explained Murphy.

It all started when Murphy tried to buy a police officer Barbie for her daughter online but couldn’t find one. 

"She had her Barbie Dreamhouse up and then they went to the market and there was an incident at the market - she has a very vivid imagination," Murphy said with a laugh. "They needed the police. It was at that point I realized we didn’t have any police Barbies."

She couldn’t find any on Mattel’s website or in any local stores. There were only a few vintage and older models for sale on third-party retailers.

She’s a toy icon and she’s had just about every job in the world, but police officer Barbie hasn’t officially been on the shelves for years.

In her letter to Mattel, Murphy said she wants girls to see law enforcement in a positive light and let them know they can be anything they choose to be.

"There’s a firefighter, a pilot, a nurse, doctors, scientists, you name it, they have it - except for police Barbie," Murphy said.