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MAKING A MARK: 5-year-old girl raises epilepsy awareness

Jenevieve Munson is not letting her age nor her diagnosis stop her from giving back.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — When 5-year-old Jenevieve Munson was born, there was barely any sign of how her life would soon change. 

"She was just a normal baby until she hit the nine months," says Maria Munson, Jenevieve's mom. At nine months old, Jenevieve had her first seizure.

"[The] first time, [we] didn't know what it was," says Maria. "And everything started from there."

Maria and her husband, Jonathan, searched for answers for their daughter. Jenevieve was later diagnosed with epilepsy. 

"How do you process all of that?" says Maria. "Cause, you know, even... now, it's hard to process 'cause she can't do what normal five-year-olds do. Go outside and play."

But since Jenevieve's diagnosis, she and her parents have joined the battle to spread awareness by raising hundreds of dollars for the Epilepsy Foundation

Jenevieve participated in 'Lemonade for Livy,' the Epilepsy Foundation's campaign to raise awareness through lemonade stands and parties. 

She's also participated in walks and other awareness events, proving even the smallest of soldiers can make a big difference.

"She's making little steps for people to be aware of a condition that affects a lot of people," Maria says.

To learn more about the Epilepsy Foundation, visit https://www.epilepsy.com/.


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