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MAKING A MARK: Virginia Beach father designs diaper bags for dads

When Kwame White became a stay-at-home dad, he had trouble finding a diaper bag he liked. He created WSEL Bags to appeal to on-the-go fathers.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Kwame White's promise to his wife meant saying 'farewell' to corporate life.

"We were living in Plano, Texas- right outside of Dallas... I was doing supply chain for a major retailer," said White.

"[My wife] was getting her PhD at UCLA. And I promised her that when she finished her schooling... that I would support her and move to support her goals and dreams."

For White, that meant moving to Virginia Beach and becoming a stay-at-home dad. He said the transition wasn't bad - except for one thing.

"Right away, I knew that I would need a good diaper bag," said White. "All I was seeing was diaper bags that were, I guess, feminine or the traditional diaper bags. And I didn't really see a diaper bag that I was interested in."

So, White tapped into his business prowess and created 'Work Smart Enjoy Life' - or WSEL - bags near the end of 2019.

"All of our bags are made to specifically look like non-traditional diaper bags, said White. "Every bag... has a charging port... lots of extra pockets... [and] a safe, large, padded laptop pocket."

"We wanted to make sure parents are able to really get use out of that bag for a long time," said White.

While the bags may have been designed for dads, White said they're not the only ones to find the product appealing.

"A lot of mothers end up... replacing their own original mom bag with one of our WSEL bags," said White.

There are three diaper bag options to choose from: the Jaden, the Kobe, and the Jett. White said each name is special to him.

"My son's first name is Jaden, his middle name is Kobe, and one of the names that we were contemplating on but didn't actually name him was Jett," said White.

White said it's his way of saying the diaper bags, and this new phase of life is all about his son.

"I was there for all the firsts... all the doctor's appointments, all the walking, and the talking," said White. "And just to be there, to see my son develop at every milestone... we just got a chance to create some amazing memories and some unforgettable times."

White also organizes 'Strolling with Dad' events for other local dads to connect and fellowship while out with their little ones. 

You can reach out to White and check out the diaper bags through the WSEL Bags website. You can also learn more on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.