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MAKING A MARK: Virginia Beach man's hard loss inspires fresh start

After losing his father suddenly, Melvin Carter, Jr. left a stressful job to start a business. Now, he's serving the community while living a more balanced life.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Melvin Carter, Jr. made a major change following a major tragedy.

"Back on December the 18th of last year, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer," Carter said. 

"He didn't know that he was sick. We didn't know that he was sick. It's like it just happened all of a sudden...And on January the 11th, in that afternoon, he sadly passed away unexpectedly," Carter said.

The sudden loss of his father sent him into mental distress.

"I was depressed because I lost one of my best friends just from out of nowhere," Carter said.

Adding to the toll on his mental health was a demanding job.

"I was starting to feel stressed with it," Carter said. 

"I wanted to have something that I can make my own schedule. And also, I can help out my mom-- who is now a widow-- to help her out with whatever she needs whenever I can."

Three months later, Carter started his own business.

"Small Haul Delivery Services specializes in palletized freight all the way down to picking up groceries," he said. "Whatever I can fit in my van, I'm your man!"

"I was nervous at first, I'll admit, to leave a job where I'm guaranteed, you know, my paycheck every week," Carter said. 

"But uh, as far as doing this, I feel this is one of the greatest decisions that I've made."

He said he's proud to provide a service to the community and make connections with his customers.

"What I've heard is people... just busy. They say it's not enough time in the day," Carter said. 

"A lot of people like to charge interest, but I like to show interest. So, when I go to you, I'm [going to] communicate with you just to, you know, get to know you."

Carter said he's also proud he took a leap of faith and made his health a priority.

"Just having the peace of mind is what it's all about," Carter said. 

"And knowing that I'm able to help out the community in the way that I can, that also brings me satisfaction."

Small Haul Delivery Services primarily serves Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas, but may also be available to travel to neighboring states. 

To learn more about how you can book a service, call or text (757) 201-1354 or visit the business's website. You can also follow Small Haul Delivery Services on Instagram.

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