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Virginia Beach mayoral candidate launches effort to recall Bobby Dyer as mayor

Latasha Holloway said she wants to rid Virginia Beach of the “toxic energy” brought by its leadership.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Author's note: The video above is on file from August 29, 2021.

There’s a new effort to try and recall Bobby Dyer as mayor of Virginia Beach.

Latasha Holloway, who plans to run as mayor of Virginia Beach, filed a petition in Virginia Beach Circuit Court on Monday afternoon.

She said her petition is an effort to rid of the city of “toxic” energy.

“The malfeasance that Mayor Dyer, the liar, has presented and promoted in the city of Virginia Beach,” Holloway said.

“Mayor Dyer can do us all a service by simply resigning like some of the other failed leadership within the city of Virginia Beach.”

Dyer is hitting back at the claims, saying that Holloway’s claims are baseless..

“Believe me, I’ve got a record I’m proud of,” Dyer said.

“Don’t forget, Ms. Holloway indicated at the council meeting last Tuesday she intends to run against me, which is fine; I welcome that we have a system where people can say for any reason they’re dissatisfied with their government, that they have the opportunity come forward to run and have their voice heard.”

Holloway said the straw that broke the camel’s back is Dyer’s refusal to adequately address the deaths of Deshayla Harris and Donovon Lynch.

A Virginia Beach police officer shot and killed Lynch at the Oceanfront in March.Lynch was Pharrell’s cousin. 

Police say Harris, a reality TV star, was hit by a stray bullet that same night.

But Dyer said he met with Harris’ mother last Thursday. 

“In terms of my lack of action with regard to Donovon Lynch and the [Deshayla] Harris shooting, that is due primarily because we turned the investigation over to the state police for transparency and integrity reasons, since there was an officer-involved shooting,” Dyer explained.

Holloway also accused Dyer of failing to properly represent the views of minorities in the city and ensure that all residents have access to equal economic opportunities.

“I’m excited to end the city of its toxic energy that Mayor Dyer has promoted,” Holloway said.

But Dyer says said the city welcomes diversity and he’s been a long-time advocate for minority-owned businesses.

“My record will show that the things cited in the complaint against me are not really founded,” Dyer said.

Holloway’s attorney Amina Matheny-Willard explained that the Virginia Beach Circuit Court has ten days to respond to the filing.

In the meantime, Holloway will start collecting signatures.

“I just want to thank Pharrell for putting a national spotlight on the local issue that we’ve always been aware of, which is toxic energy,” Matheny-Willard said.

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