Residents who live near the Naval Station Oceana jet fuel spill site can be relocated to a hotel while cleanup continues.

The Navy is taking care of the logistics. The Navy says funding has been authorized, but they are still waiting on a contract with a local hotel.

Residents will reportedly receive per diem for meals and hotel costs.

A source with the Navy todl 13News Now reporter Mike Gooding that they are doing the voluntary relocation "out of an abundance of caution." More details are expected to be released this afternoon.

About 94,000 gallons of jet fuel leaked from a tank at NAS Oceana on the morning of May 11. Cleanup of the spill site continues.

During Tuesday night's Virginia Beach City Council meeting, homeowners voiced concern that the smell could affect their health. They also said the Navy wasn't doing enough to help.

Homeowners also told us the smell of gas -- which is expected to get worse today with the warmer weather -- was giving them headaches and making them dizzy.

It's not yet known how long the residents would need to stay in temporary housing, "but we will do right by these people," the source told Gooding.

PHOTOS: Jet fuel spill at NAS Oceana

Meanwhile, we are also learning more about the impact the spill has had on local wildlife. US Navy Natural Resources says that about 400 animals have died as a result of the fuel leak. More than 300 of those animals were small fish.

The rest included birds, snails and a dragonfly. None of the animals were on the endangered species list.