VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The victims of a Christmas crime scene are getting justice.

Thousands of dollars worth of holiday blow-ups were destroyed on Thursday at the Salem Lakes neighborhood, in Virginia Beach.

Neighbors said the suspects returned to the scene of the crime on Friday, but this time they got into Kevin Herrell's front yard.

He said, "We were inside our house, and I heard a pop. So instinctively I knew what it was."

Herrell's Polar Bear was sliced on the side twice with a knife.

"And he's my favorite one, so if they had to pick one, he's the wrong one to pick," said Herrell.

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Herrell ran out of his front door and he found two teenagers. He said "they were literally standing right here on the sidewalk and they told me, 'Hey, we saw who just stabbed it. They ran that way.'"

Herrell added, "I was barefooted and everything, and I went running after them. These kids actually gave chase with me."

He wasn't able to find the suspects the teenagers were talking about, and called police. Then while police were at Herrell's house, he heard his neighbor, Rebecca Pappas, scream around the corner.

Pappas said she screamed “'Kevin!' I was like, 'They just got mine, are the police still there?'" She said police came around to the park by her house and found two other teenagers.

Herrell said the kids, "started to sing like canaries, selling out all of their friends" for destroying the holiday decorations. He said a total of six people, including the two teens Herrell first saw and one 19-year-old were arrested for the holiday crimes.

"They admitted to everything. The police officers found a knife, they found drugs," said Herrell. He also said everyone in the group smoked marijuana before slicing open the holiday decorations.

As for Herrell's polar bear, he's now held together by stitches and tape. "Hopefully he'll make it through the season," said Herrell.

Now all he hopes is the judge makes those responsible pay for their damage.