VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – The first "Wave" transit route connecting the Bayfront and Oceanfront is being tested out this Summer.

Starting Memorial Day, residents and tourists will see new bus stops at First Landing State Park and the North End beaches, to name a few. 

“You’d think you’d have a single bus you could just hop on and go to the Oceanfront,” said Todd Solomons with the Shore Drive Community Coalition. “In order to get there, you’ve got to take three different buses.”

The coalition conducted a survey overt the past two years. Results showed that most Bayfront residents were in favor of the route.

“The locals are happy to see that if they took a bus, they’re not adding additional parking,” said Solomons. “It’s slim up here, especially during the summertime.”

Solomons hopes the new route will bring booming business to the many retailers at the Bayfront.

Virginia Beach city leaders and Hampton Roads Transit will monitor ridership and see the feasibility of making the route permanent.

The route operations cost about $350,000, according to Transportation Planner, Mark Shea. It is currently under budget review.

Riders would pay $2 for a trip. The buses will run daily until September, Shea said. 

MAP: Route 35 Bayfront Shuttle 2017 Seasonal Service

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