VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Army Corps of Engineers has unveiled a new interactive map for people to track the progress of the massive beach replenishment project at the Oceanfront

The project will close sections of beach and span from 15th Street to 70th Street, starting next week. 

The effort is with the goal of providing protection to the Oceanfront with an expanded shoreline. 

Hotels in the area are preparing for the change in landscape. 

"It'll be painful, but hopefully it's really not just a couple of days for each hotel," said Russell Lyons, President of the Virginia Beach Hotel Association. 

Lyons said a walkway will be along the beach for tourists and hotel guests during construction. Crews will also be aware of equipment beeping at night during the 24/7 work. 

"They are going to be conscious of that and try their best to limit the backing up of that beeping sound at night so our guests can sleep better," said Lyons.

The Army Corps of Engineers released the interactive map for tourists yesterday. To see the map, click here.

"Everyone has questions about where the construction is going to be occurring," said project manager, Kristin Mazur.

It provides real time updates and is color-coded; green means construction is done and red means the construction is ongoing.

"If you're a tourist and you want to simply go to the beach and you want to be away from the construction, then you would look at the red areas," said Mazur.

The project is expected to last until late August.