VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Police are hoping modern technology can help create new leads in an unsolved murder from 1986.

The body of 22-year-old Roberta Walls was found in a field behind Old Donation Elementary School on the morning of May 15, 1986. Her death was ruled a homicide.

She was last seen alive the night before across the street at Bayside Public Library.

The investigation into her murder went cold for many years, but now police hope that new technology will help lead them to a suspect.

Composite sketches have been created using DNA evidence found at the crime scene. Known as a "Parabon Snapshot," the new technology uses DNA phenotyping to do more than match fingerprints: it builds a possible suspect profile.

Roberta Walls was murdered in Virginia Beach in 1986. New technology has helped police develop these images of a person of interest based off of DNA evidence.

The composite images show what this individual may have looked like in 1986, as well as what he may look like today. Police do not have an identity and consider the man a person of interest.

Police say Walls was an office worker who was known to frequent the Aragona area of Virginia Beach and the Ocean View area of Norfolk. She was 5'3", weighed 134 pounds, and had hazel eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. She had tattoos on her arm and abdomen.