VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- About two dozen protesters met to voice their opposition of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on Wednesday.

It was part of a statewide effort called the “People’s Pipeline Vigil.” Participants prayed for Hurricane victims and state leaders.

They gathered feet from Virginia Beach’s Department of Environmental Quality office.

Many were pushing for official denial of water permits needed for Dominion Energy to move forward with construction of the natural gas line. If constructed, it would go through parts of Hampton Roads.

“We really have to get a commitment, a political will and a commitment to renewables and off of fossil fuels. They’re not sustainable," said Teresa Stanley with the Interspiritual Empowerment Project. “We don’t need them. It’s not helpful.”

Protesters have planned a “sit-in” at DEQ offices on Thursday.

In response to the protests, Dominion Energy spokesperson Aaron Ruby said in-part, "We understand not everyone supports it, but the vast majority of Virginians do. They want cleaner electricity, lower energy costs and new jobs, and they understand we need new infrastructure to make that possible."