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Surfers rally around prospective surf park at old Dome site at Oceanfront

Virginia Beach surfers are supporting the wave park proposed part of Atlantic Park.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The old Dome site is one step closer to being developed into a year-round attraction and the surfer community is in support of the plans.  

Virginia Beach City Council members approved the proposal to develop the multi-use attraction, now renamed as Atlantic Park.

The surf community is rallying around the wave park that’s part of the plan.

"I heard some great points made last night and I agree with most all of them,” former professional surfer Wes Laine said.

Even though he understands the onions surrounding the Atlantic Park project, he said Virginia Beach doesn't have consistently good waves.

The proposed surf park would make the sport user friendly for all ages and even for people with disabilities.

Ideally, the wave-making equipment will replicate predictable, adjustable, and perfect the waves.

"Surfing competitions of all levels will now start moving into this type of venue," said Laine. "The prospect of a good one (surf park) coming to Virginia Beach is really a big deal.”

13News Now asked him if he believes the Oceanfront could become a host for a wave surfing competition? Laine said, "Absolutely." 

George Alcaraz is the general manager of one of the biggest surf competitions in the world, East Coast Surfing Championships, in Virginia Beach.

He agrees that wave parks are the future of business and surfing.

"Within an hour you'll probably catch as many waves as you probably would've caught in a month,” said Alcaraz.

Once the new park is built, Alcaraz said they might have an exhibition during their annual competition.

"It could be the epicenter of surf on the East Coast if we had it,” said Alcaraz.

In the meantime, it's an idea these surfers believe will be rad.

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