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'Choose Kind, Be Kind' | Teacher's little sign sends big message in Virginia Beach elementary school

When students at Rosemont Elementary School enter Theresa Holloran's classroom, they high-five a sign with the words "Choose Kind, Be Kind" on it.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — High fives can be great. At an elementary school in Virginia Beach, they're pretty awesome.

That's because when students enter Theresa Holloran's Pre-K classroom there's a sign on the receiving end of the high-fives. It's a sign that says: "Choose Kind, Be Kind."

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Holloran tweeted a video of some of the children as they went into the classroom. She also wrote: "We're touching this sign every day. My students are putting these words in their hearts."

She said she modeled things after football teams that tap a motto on a sign in locker rooms before hitting the field.

"The first thing they do before they come into the classroom, before they unpack, is to choose kind and be kind and put those words in their hearts. Then, I look for demonstrations of that throughout the day," she told 13News Now.

Holloran said she wants the students to take this message with them beyond her classroom and as they grow up.

"I want them to do that their whole lives. Not only do I teach academics, we teach social and emotional skills, how to get along, how to use kind words," she said. 

Holloran's students are 4 years old, which she thinks is a great age, because the children are "like sponges."

No doubt they're soaking up a lot, including that inspirational message that's great for them and a pretty terrific reminder for adults.

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