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Fixing profane typo on Old Dam Neck Road sign costs Virginia Beach $556

The error was repaired within about a day, but it made for an amusing photo for people that spotted it.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Old Dam Neck Road in Virginia Beach got an accidental rebranding on Tuesday.

A few residents got to see a street sign with an unfortunate typo, a very briefly named Old "Damn" Neck Road.

The sign at the Upton Drive intersection was quickly fixed. After city staff were made aware of the typo, it was replaced Wednesday morning.

Virginia Beach Public Works told 13News Now that the cost to take down the sign and install a replacement was $556. That includes materials and labor. 

Public Works Deputy Director Jeremy Kline said they don't believe the typo was done with any ill intent and instead was just an error that slipped by. They've taken steps with staff to make sure this kind of accident won't occur again.

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