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Virginia Beach first responders discuss weather preparedness in wake of hurricane season

As residents and Florida state leaders prepare for Hurricane Ian to make landfall, first responders in Hampton Roads are making sure they are ready for any outcome.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — As everyone keeps their eye on Hurricane Ian inching its way to the Florida coast, emergency responders in Hampton Roads are getting ready for any outcome.

According to 13News Now forecasts, it's likely Hampton Roads will see remnants of what's left of Hurricane Ian when the system reaches Virginia. 

While we may be missing the major impacts of the hurricane, Bruce Nedelka with Virginia Beach EMS said that's no reason to lack preparation.

"We always begin to think about the preparations that'll be necessary in the event of a storm," said Nedelka. "Be sure that you take proper medications and things with you, important papers, and if you have a plan, make sure you contact family outside of the area, so they know you're leaving the area."

He said while he gets his team ready to go when the storms hit, he asks the people in Hampton Roads to try to help lighten the load. 

That includes staying indoors as much as you can.

"If there is an order out to stay off the road, unless it is essential for you to go from one location to another, stay off the road," Nedelka said. "It's going to be difficult for us to traverse the downed trees and powerlines and flooding. We don't need to have cars getting stuck because they went through a deep puddle and they got stuck and now we got to go around them."

Nedelka said this will help first responders handle their already high volume of calls with fewer people in need of help.

He said if you are ordered to evacuate from your area, it's essential that you do to stay protected. If that is the case, he also urges you to know your evacuation plan ahead of time. 

"Just have a plan and review that with your family now as opposed to in the middle of the storm," Nedelka urged. 

Nedelka said the remnants of Hurricane Ian are just a reminder to be prepared for the next potential impact from Mother Nature. 

He said that includes having flashlights, enough water and food, and listening to state officials on any evacuation plans.

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