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Virginia Beach hairstylist goes viral with online video

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Virginia Beach colorist Crystal Casey is having to field friend requests left and right on her social platforms.

That's all thanks to a video she created and posted to Facebook that's garnered more than 11 million views!

"Most of my friends and colleagues are clearly hairdressers and the 2,000-something friends I have on Facebook, they all thought it was hilarious," Casey told us. "My dad thought it was hilarious, my mom thought it was hilarious."

She says she wanted to make the video to educate people on how costly, strenuous and time-consuming coloring hair can be.

"So when fashion color became a thing, [silver] became a thing," Casey responded. "A lot of people don't understand how the color wheel works or the molecular structure of the hair or the chemistry behind it."

Casey says she's dedicated anywhere from seven to ten hours to color hair. She recalled one particular session where she devoted 14 hours to color a woman's hair from blond to silver in just one sitting.

WARNING: The video below contains graphic language.

Casey has been doing hair for nearly a decade now and is the proud owner of High Voltage Hair, a salon located on Laskin Rd. in Virginia Beach.

"I just always messed with my hair in high school. I was always doing crazy things with my hair before fashion color was a thing," Casey said. "So that was just it, I was like, 'I want to go to hair school.'"

Her years as a beautician have gone far. Casey has received numerous opportunities to travel and teach others about hair coloring and styling. She also styles and colors models' hair and her work is featured in magazines.

Now, does this talented colorist plan on continuing her hairstylist video series?

"I thought about kind of keeping the series going," Casey replied. "A lot of my hairstylist friends are urging me to make a 'comical hairstylist' Facebook page and just make videos, but there's a lot of work that goes into running my business and doing hair full-time and traveling and teaching, so if I can find the time for it, yeah, but more than likely, no."

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You can find more of Casey's work and learn more information about High Voltage Hair through the links below:

Instagram: @CryistalChaos

Facebook Page: High Voltage Hair by Crystal Casey

Website: High Voltage Hair

Contact number: (757) 773-2343

Email: info.highvoltagehair@icloud.com