VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — For almost two months, Side Street Cantina at the Oceanfront is where Jessica Hart has been spending a lot of time where she waits tables.

"It makes time fly by. The money's pretty decent, and it's a great place," said Hart.

Time flew by for most of her 12-hour shift Saturday night, but then it came to a halt and dragged after she said two customers stole all of her tips and credit card slips.

"I was in a really big rush so I ended up accidentally leaving a checkbook on a customer's table that contained all of my sales cash, all of my tips, and all of my credit card receipts," said Hart.

In total, Hart said the woman took about $180 in tips along with the receipts. The surveillance video shows her looking through the checkbook at the table.

"I felt betrayed, almost, because during the meal I was laughing with them, joking with them. I try to give my customers great service and I'm just like 'Man, how could you do that?'" Hart said.

Hart filed a report with Virginia Beach police. And, she said to her and her family, the $180 is a lot of money.

"I'm a single parent of actually four children but one's away in the Navy so the three at home depend on me and that's why I get up every day. They're the reason I get up every day so when something like this happens, it throws everything off," she said.

But, more than anything Hart wants the person who took everything to know that it's about more than the money, it's about respecting hard-working people.

"That's exactly what hurts me. Do I want the money back? Yeah, sure. But, it's bigger than the money," said Hart.