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Activists want Windsor police chief and officer gone

The NAACP says the viral traffic stop from last December involving Army Lt. Caron Nazario was the center of a two-hour-long conversation with Windsor town leaders.

WINDSOR, Va. — As the Town of Windsor deals with the fallout from the controversial traffic stop of an Army Lieutenant, town officials on Wednesday met with Isle of Wight NAACP members.

The Isle of Wight NAACP and Windsor town leaders both agree it’s a conversation that needed to happen.

“It’s time for a change and we are going to fight until we see some differences,” said Isle of Wight NAACP President, Valerie Butler.

Windsor’s Mayor Glyn Willis said he’s ready to move forward and work to make the town a better place. Willis said he was happy to have the conversation with the local NAACP branch and other community leaders.

“I sense it was going to be an opportunity to listen and some challenge there because there is a lot they bring to the table,” explained Willis. 

NAACP leaders say the viral traffic stop from last December involving Army Lt. Caron Nazario was the center of a two-hour-long conversation.      

Windsor Police Chief Rodney Riddle fired officer Joe Gutierrez but NAACP leaders say that’s not enough. They are calling for the resignations of the second officer, Daniel Crocker, as well as Chief Riddle himself. 

During the meeting, NAACP leaders asked Chief Riddle to excuse himself from the meeting.

Brandon Randleman with Isle of Wight NAACP said, “When it came down to the resignation, that went completely over their heads. They stood firmly, firmly on their stance that they supported Chief Riddle and Officer Crocker.” 

Mayor Willis wouldn’t discuss that topic with 13News Now.

“That’s something for the council to work through,” Willis explained.

NAACP leaders said they want town leaders to take accountability for the traffic stop, but said that didn’t happen. 

“I know they are concerned their little small town has made national news, but it goes deeper than that,” Butler said.

“I never imagined this would happen in Windsor so we didn’t get it right, end of story, kind of, so to speak,” Willis noted.

The Isle of Wight NAACP leaders are also asking for a copy of the police training manual and to hire an African American police officer.

Mayor Willis said, “We have a spot and we will be looking for a candidate and I can say I personally would be hoping that will be a minority Black candidate.”

Butler also wants the town to start a citizens review board. Mayor Willis said he will go back and talk with the council about one.

“Some of the stuff, what they are talking about is how to make Windsor better. That is what we have the same vested interest in that and we need to move forward with them on that.”

NAACP leaders said they won’t stop pushing for Chief Riddle and Officer Crocker to resign. They are asking people in the community to reach out to town leaders.

Butler said the resignation or termination is a way to move the Town of Windsor forward. 

Lieutenant Nazario has filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against Officer Crocker and former Officer Gutierrez.


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