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Natty Light is looking for interns to get paid to drink beer

We've just found your dream job
Credit: Natural Light
Natural Light beer

Drinking beer on the job is what a lot of people fantasize about.

Natural Light can make that dream a reality.

The company, with their beer fondly nicknamed Natty Light, is looking for a Natty Intern this summer to literally get paid to drink beer.

Natural Light's brand manager Leon says a 4.0 GPA or great references aren't important to apply for this job.

He says they are looking for "well-rounded, fun-loving human beings who know how to get things done."

On Natural Light's website, they say you should also be familiar with social media and have basic computer and social media skills.

"Just be cool," the website says.

You also have to be 21, because - duh.

Leon says some of the intern's responsibilities will include attending sporting events and traveling to cool places.

Which don't really sound like responsibilities - they sound like a lot of fun.

Oh, and did we mention this was an eight-week PAID internship?

If you're not a Natty Light fan, we bet you are now.

Visit Natural Light's website for a complete job description and all qualifications needed.

.Apply online before May 19.

Because with this job, it's Naturday every day.

So dust off your resumes and make your dreams come true! 

We bet you're more qualified than Conrad Smith.