NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- We're days away from the One City Marathon in Newport News.

There's one team this year that's running for more than just themselves, Team Honor.

Team Honor is four Newport News police officers who are running for more than just themselves.

Officer Huyen Stewart tells 13News Now that one of her teammates, Captain Tietjens, came to her with an idea to run in full uniform to honor men and women in all levels of law enforcement.

“I said, 'sir that's a great idea and I'm on your team,'” Stewart said.

Stewart wanted to go the extra mile.

“If we're going to do this let's go all out and carry military guidon with a full team,” Stewart said.

13News Now caught up with two of the officers from Team Honor, Stewart, and Officer Kenisha Shultz.

The race is important to them both. Shultz's husband is a chief in the Navy. Stewart's husband is retired Army, while she served in the army reserves.

“I wanted to honor him and I feel proud I get to run with my teammates,” Shultz’s said.

Each member of Team Honor will run one leg of the relay and they'll all cross the finish line together in honor of those who serve their communities and country.

According to race officials, they are anticipating 2,400-2,600 participants across the four races.

You can find more information about the marathon and other races this weekend here.