Norfolk, Va. (WVEC) -- Norfolk Fire - Rescue has teamed with Centura College for a pilot program to prepare recruits in the beginning of the Hampton Road Regional Fire Academy being held at the Norfolk Fire-Rescue Training Center.

Battalion Chief Brandon Dommel said the program is an effort to increase the success rate of recruits within the program.

"It's a week long program we send the students through that covers basic math, reading comprehension, study skills," said Dommel.

Dommel said in recent years, seen recruits having difficulty getting through the academic part of the academy. This seems to be in part because some of the recruits haven’t attended school recently.

" A lot of the recruits haven't been in school for years so they've lost the basic math, reading comprehension ans study skills . We lose probably 15-20% to academics," said Dommel.

This customized pilot program is positioned within the first few weeks of the academy and is developed to provide fundamental math, writing, communication, medical terminology, and study skills training to better-equip new recruits for the rigors of the Fire-Rescue Academy.

The week of January 22nd, twenty-five Norfolk Fire-Rescue recruits will complete classes at Centura College’s Norfolk campus at 7020 North Military Highway.

The coursework has been custom designed between the academic leadership at Centura College and the Norfolk Fire-Rescue Training Division. The pilot program will begin with individualized academic assessments of each recruit, and will consist of four courses per day, taught by Centura College faculty.