KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WVEC) -- The National Weather Service reports Outer Banks had 5 to 7 inches of snow fall Wednesday night.

Some people even posted pictures on social media of close to 10 inches of snowfall in Kill Devil Hills.

That's nearly double the amount reported in Hampton Roads.

Kill Devil Hills resident, Brandon Dolan said, “ I measured seven inches out front today with no snow drift.”

Kill Devil Hills Police said road conditions are improving .

The North Carolina Department of Transportation said major thoroughfares of US 158 (Croatan Highway) and NC 12 (Virginia Dare Trail/Beach Road) have lost most of the ice and snow cover from this morning.

However, NCDOT’s spokesman said all of the snow plows are working on the road to make sure they stay clear.

In fact, some plows are in the Outer Banks from the western part of North Carolina just to help with the bigger amount of snowfall.

NCDOT said they may even be able to get to some secondary roads now since there is considerably more snow and ice cover in some side areas.

“Main roads are pretty good, but the neighborhood is a little bit of a mess,” said Kill Devil Hills resident Melanie Long.

Relatively warmer temperatures are also credited for helping melt the roads and the salt wok on the roads.

So far, police have only had to respond to only one weather related car collision.

Brandon Dolan said he just moved to Kill Devil Hills from Los Angeles.

He said, “come out and play we were out on the beach earlier it was awesome.”

Even though, this storm is warmer than the last, the overnight forecast is calling for temperatures to drop to around freezing.

This may cause road surface conditions to worsen as melting snow and ice re-freeze.

So, officials are still asking everyone to drive carefully, give for extra time on the road, and use caution when driving at night.

If you need help from fire or police services in Kill Devil Hills or County’s EMS, please call ‪(252) 473-3444‬ for non-emergencies and 911 for emergencies.