THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- A Davidson County man is thankful to be alive after police say he was shot in the head by a suspected jewelry thief.

"I thought it was the end when he shot me. When he pulled the trigger and I seen this blowout, I thought that was it right there," Kerry Chambers explained.

Police say Chambers was shot when he followed robbery suspects who had hit a Thomasville jewelry store.

It all started Tuesday afternoon, when Chambers stopped by Avis' Fine Jewelry to drop off some jewelry he'd repaired for the owner.

"Out the door comes two guys with helmets, covered from head to toe," he said. "And the way they were looking at me I knew exactly what had went on. They are robbing the store."

Chambers called 911 as the suspects took off on a moped. Chambers decided to follow them.

"I thought, well, I could keep them at a distance and see where they go. That way I can tell the police officers which way they are going," Chambers said.

But the suspects caught on. They turned the moped around and pulled right in front of Chambers.

"The one on the back pulls his gun out and aims it just like that to shoot me through the window. The only thing I could think was to stomp on the gas," explained Chambers.

He rammed his truck right into the moped and knocked the suspects off. But the suspect with the gun grabbed it and fired.

The bullet went in through Chambers' cheek and exited through his neck into his back. Several teeth were knocked out.

"I can't drive my truck. I can't work. I've got a hole through my head!" he exclaimed.

The suspects ran off but police were able to locate all three and arrest them.

Even after being shot, Chambers says he doesn't regret following the suspects.

"You're just trying to do the right thing. You ain't trying to be no hero. I felt that I needed to be doing what I was doing. I can't say I'd change a thing I did."